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Dairy development in Ciater

Danone Dairy Indonesia (DDI) has been created in 2004. Since this year the growth has been on average 40 to 50%. The milk is something that is no part of the heritage and the daily habits of the Indonesian, but step by step, mainly starting through the kids, the milk and yoghurt consumption are increasing quite fast in Indonesia.

 Today, only 25% of the milk needs are covered by the production in Indonesia, the rest is imported from New Zealand.

In 2006, Danone Indonesia offered to more than 200 Ciater farmers to buy cows with micro-credits with the help of KPSBU, the main dairy cooperative of Java.

KPSBU provided training and organized the collection of milk from farmers, but difficulties arose, the main one being to feed the cattle in stalle and the lack of space.

Ciater Dairy Development program aims at strengthening the work started by DDI and KPSBU with the help of a new partner, Sahabat Cipta, which mission is to empower disadvantaged communities with new skills and opportunities so that they become self-reliant.

The guiding principle of the project is to build 12 "Demo-Farms" (demonstration farms) spread over the territory of Ciater, and organize the neighboring farmers in exchange and self-help groups.

The programme provides farmers with:

  • a training module about the management of dairy cows, from the stall, feed to livestock's health
  • the opportunity to have a farm laboratory, using manure to grow corn and other plants protein-rich food supplement for cows in the dry season (environmental aspect of the project towards a change for agro-ecological practices)
  • the implementation of cleanable stalls fostering cows' wellbeing and hygienic practices

The benefits of such a project are many : increase Ciater's farmers technical skills, improve feeding habits and medical services for cows, therefore increasing small farmers' milk productivity and quality. The income increase generated by a higher milk production and the access to micro-loans  help them stay in their community and develop their herds. On the other hand, the programme contributes to sustaining milk supply for Danone Dairy Indonesia in a critical area.



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