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Kampung Maju Kamal Muara

This project aims to increase the livelihood of 450 smallholder households in Kamal Muara village, North Jakarta. It focuses on skills development of youth and women micro entrepreneurs.  

Activities included: 

  1. Promoted creation of income generating activities
  2. Provided skills building for youth
  3. Linked youth to potential employers
  4. Provided trainings for micro entrepreneurs
  5. Facilitated access to markets for Kamal Muara products


Results to date: 

  1. Cooperation with International Garment Training Center (IGTC) and Auto Mitsuda (motorcycle workshop) established
  2. 40 middle school drop-outs have sewing skills and have been placed in internship programs in a garment factory and motorcycle workshop
  3. 180 micro entrepreneurs improved their business knowledge and technical skills; and linked to potential markets
  4. Women business groups increased their management capacity

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