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Development of Seaweed Support Center (SSC)

The development of Seaweed Support Center (SSC) is to address low seaweed productivity in the East Flores Islands. The SSC project works to facilitate the transfer of good agronomic practices to small-holder farmers, enabling them to sustainably intensify their growing operations.

The SSC established in collaboration with a private sector partner (CV. Evadian) will provide services to farmers for increasing productivity and better post-harvest handling. This will be done through Seaweed Agents comprised of seaweed farmers.

By 2015 2,000 seaweed farmers are expected to have an increased income of 42%, and by the end of 2017 an estimated 6,000 seaweed farmers located at Flores Timur, Lembata, Sikka and Alor district will benefit from the development of the seaweed support center and seaweed agent service.

Activities include: 

  • Organize technical trainings for farmer groups/Seaweed Agents-SA
  • Facilitate establishment of SSC
  • Strengthen capacity of SAs in operating nursery center and aggregation point
  • Facilitate delivery of training from SAs to farmers
  • Link SAs to SSC

Results to date: 

  • ToTs for farmer groups at 3 locations (Larantuka, Solor, Lembata) completed
  • ToT was attended by 58 participants representing 35 potential seaweed agencies
  • A total of 445 seaweed farmers have acquired information on good management practices that include good agronomic practice and good post-harvest practices
  • ToT for seaweed agents completed in Kupang
  • ToT was attended by 23 people consisting of 6 seaweed agents and 17 seaweed farmers

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