Perkenalan Sahabat Cipta
Sahabat Cipta (SC) was founded in 2007 by Mrs. Dollaris Riauaty (Waty) Suhadi and professionals in development niche who have vision of increased welfare in Indonesia. Since its inception in 2007, we have successfully developed and implemented more than 30 projects across Indonesia for international and Indonesia donors and companies. In implementing projects, we get supports from the best experts in the field of community empowerment. Currently, as many as 70 specialists located in Jakarta headquarter and project offices in Riau, Balikpapan, West Java, Berau (East Kalimantan), Sikka, and Ende are assisting SC project operations. Each one of them are well-trained, highly experienced, and very committed staff as well as support staff. In January 2017 SC has transformed from "foundation" to "social enterprise." This transformation is essentially to reinforce our vision and mission to enhance the sustainability of our projects.